How to Restore AutoSave Information in PowerPoint

By Kevin Lee

In the real world, computers crash, viruses attack and users accidentally delete critical files. Microsoft included an AutoSave feature in its Office products. This enables users to recover Word, Excel and PowerPoint files when unforeseen circumstances occur. If you need to restore a PowerPoint file, check to see if PowerPoint has a backup copy.

Step 1

Launch PowerPoint. PowerPoint will search for AutoSave files. Proceed to the next step in the "Document Recovery" pane. If you do not see this pane, it does not have AutoSave information.

Step 2

Review the available files in the "Document Recovery" pane. You may see multiple entries for a single file.

Step 3

Click the "Down" arrow next to one of the files, and select "Open." PowerPoint will open the file.

Step 4

Review the file and verify that it contains the information that you want. If it does not, return to the "Document Recovery" pane and click "Review them" using the same process.

Step 5

Click the "Down" arrow next to the file that you want to recover, and select "Save As." The "Save As" window will open. PowerPoint will display a file name such as "autosave1.ppt" or "autosave2.ppt" in the "File Name" text box.

Step 6

Type a new name in the text box or leave the default name. Click "Save" to save the file.

Tips & Warnings

  • For further assistance, click the "Which files do I want to save" button at the bottom of the "Document Recovery" pane.