How to Restore Deleted Emails

By Brian Bores

Almost everyone at some point has deleted an email accidentally and thought he had done an irreversible act of ignorance. If you start deleting emails fast or mistakenly hit the wrong button, it's easy to delete emails into your trash bin. Just like real-life trash bins, you can dig inside your email trash bin and find the lost messages. The nice part about digging inside your email trash bin is you don't have to worry about grabbing anything gross.

Step 1

Find your email service's trash bin; different email services have their trash bins located in different places. Make sure you don't accidentally empty the trash; emptying the trash will delete the email completely. Your trash bin will contain all deleted emails from your inbox.

Step 2

Locate the email you want to restore; sometimes you'll have to sift through a few pages of deleted emails to find the right one.

Step 3

Select the email you want to restore; different email services have different ways of selecting an email. Some services have a check box by each email, while others may make you click on the email subject.

Step 4

Find the option to move the email back to your inbox. Remember, different email services have different ways of going about things. Some services have a restore option, while others have options that allow you to move an email to either your inbox or other folders such as personal or work.

Step 5

Check to make sure the email properly restored to the desired location. It would probably be a good idea to even open the email to make sure the contents are all there.