How to Restore Deleted Files From Microsoft Outlook Express

By Contributing Writer

Outlook Express is the email and news client for Internet Explorer. All contact information is stored in the Windows Address Book. The similar style of Outlook leads people to equate it with Microsoft Office Outlook. The two applications are completely different. Different applications require different methods of troubleshooting. This article will instruct the reader on how to restore deleted files from Microsoft Outlook Express. You will be instructed to navigate through the menu options of Outlook Express, search the Recycle Bin and utilize the Windows File Explorer to restore your files back to Outlook Express.

Step 1

Open Outlook Express. Click on the Tools menu.

Step 2

Click on Options.

Step 3

Click on Maintenance.

Step 4

Click on Store Folder. Locate the name of the folder where your files were stored. These files often include outgoing email messages or messages that you sent to someone. Note the name of the folder.

Step 5

Close Outlook Express.

Step 6

Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on your Windows desktop.

Step 7

Look at the side menu options. Click on “Restore most recent sent items (.bak files)”. Close the Recycle Bin.

Step 8

Open Windows File Explorer, or simply right-click on the Start button and select “Explore”. Find the folder you located in Step 4. If you don’t see it in the Windows File Explorer, you can always select “Find” from the Start menu. Open the folder that holds your deleted files.

Step 9

Click Tools, then Folder Options, and select View. Then, enable the “Display hidden and system files” in the same folder.

Step 10

Remove the checkmark in “Hide extensions of known file types”. You will see the Sent Items.dbx file and the Sent Items.bak. file.

Step 11

Rename the Sent Items.DBX to Sentold.dbx. Rename the Sent Items.Bak to Sent Items.DBX. Open Outlook Express. Your messages should be restored.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are unable to restore your messages, then you need to contact technical support from the vendor that you purchased the application. You can also invest in some prevention software for preserving your data before it gets lost.