How to Restore Deleted Internet Explorer History

By Meaghan Ellis

Have you ever deleted a file or something important on your computer that you later regret? If so, luckily for you, the restore process is, indeed, a life saver that most computer users know nothing about. The process of restoring deleted Internet Explorer browser history is the act of retrieving Web activity that was previously removed from your computer's hard drive. Most users would automatically deem this process as a difficult one, because it is quite uncommon. But retrieving your Internet Explorer history is just as simple as deleting it.

Step 1

Open your computer's "System Tools" folder. Click on the "Start" menu icon or Windows image, located on your computer's taskbar. Select the "All Programs" location when the Start drop down menu opens. Click on "Accessories" and select the "System Tools" subfolder.

Step 2

Access the "System Restore" application. When the "System Tools" folder opens, scroll to the bottom of the list. Locate and select the "System Restore" action in the sublist. The computer's User Account security breach will appear. Click "Continue" to bypass the security alert.

Step 3

Run the "System Restore" application. When the system restoration dialog window opens, you will be prompted to choose a restore date. You will have two options to choose from; the recommended date, or you can enter a different date. Click on the radio button that suites your decision, and click "Continue". Confirm your decision on the next screen by clicking "Finish".

Step 4

Restart your computer to conclude the restoration process and allow your computer to update properly according to your changes. When the restoration process is complete, allow your computer to shut down and reboot successfully.

Step 5

Review your browser's history restoration. Click on your "Internet Explorer" icon on your computer's desktop screen. When the browser opens and loads successfully, access your browser's history. Click on the "View" tab at the top of the screen and select "History". The restored history should appear in the left pane of your browser screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • When choosing a restore date, make sure you are choosing a date comparable to the time you accessed the Web activity you are trying to recover. If you restore to a date that precedes your Web activity, it still will not be restored.
  • Save all unfinished work or open documents to avoid suffering permanent loss of important files or documents.
  • Close all non-essential programs prior to conducting the restore process. This will allow you to prevent any interruptions or malfunctions with some of your computer's programs.
  • You must have