How to Restore Factory Settings Without a Disc

By Robert Ceville

If you are unable to locate a computer's recovery discs, you can still Factory Restore its settings without them. Many times performing a factory restore is necessary to get your computer to work optimally again. Driver errors, registry errors and even the worst case of a computer virus can be corrected by restoring the computer back to factory settings. You do not need any other tools or software to complete the operation.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows

Step 1

Power on your computer by pressing the power key. Watch the screen carefully, for you will need to move to step 2 as soon as the Windows screen appears.

Step 2

Hit either "F1," "F8" or "F11" to be taken to the setup configuration screen. Since all computer manufacturers design their system structure differently from one another, the key command needed to gain access to this screen may vary. Try either of these three by hitting them repeatedly until the screen comes up. Sometimes, the window of opportunity is rather small to input the key command in time.

Step 3

Select "Destructive Restore" form the list of options shown on the screen. Give permission by clicking "Yes" or "Next" to continue with the Factory Restore process.

Step 4

Follow the prompts given after your computer finishes the Factory Restore procedure and starts back up. You will have to be patient, for it can take hours to finish restoring your computer's factory settings.