How to Restore HP to Factory Settings

By Jason Taetsch

Fortunately for HP and Compaq computer users, each HP computer comes preinstalled with Recovery Manager program. The program allows users to easily restore the HP computer to the factory settings in the event of a critical system error, accidental removal of essential files, malicious virus infection, or to wipe the computer clean. The user is able to complete the process in a only a few steps without the need for additional technical support or supplemental recovery discs.

Step 1

Click on the "Start" menu and type "Recovery" into the "Search" box. Click on the "Recovery Manager" option that appears in the list. Click "Advanced Options" and click "System Recovery." Click the "Next" button to restart the computer and open the Recovery Manager.

Step 2

Select the "System Recovery" option and click "Next." If the Microsoft System Restore opens, choose "No."

Step 3

Select the "Backup Files First" option if you want to save any data, music, photos, video or other files on the computer. Connect an external hard drive to the computer and follow the instructions in the Recovery Manager to back up files on your computer.

Step 4

Return to the System Recovery window and click on the "Next" button. The computer will then begin restoring the factory settings and erasing the hard drive. When the process is complete, the computer will restart with the factory settings restored.