How to Restore Missing Windows XP Desktop Icons

By Kefa Olang

By default, the "My Computer," "My Documents" and "My Network Places" icons usually displayed on the Windows XP desktop. They allow you to launch Windows Explorer, find saved documents and connect to networks quickly and conveniently. In both the Windows XP Home and Professional edition, the icons are removed when the "Start" menu is enabled. Although these icons are merely hidden, they can be restored quickly.

Step 1

Right-click an empty part of the desktop and click "Properties" to launch the Display Properties dialog.

Step 2

Select the "Desktop" tab and click the "Customize Desktop" button to open the Desktop Items dialog.

Step 3

Click the "General" tab and click the icons you want to restore. Click "OK" to save the changes, and then click "OK" again to close the Display Properties dialog.