How to Restore One Deleted Excel Worksheet

By Julie Davoren

Once you delete a worksheet in Excel 2007, it is gone forever. At least this is the advice the prompt gives you before you delete a worksheet. If you mistakenly deleted a worksheet, do not fret. You can use "Save As" to save your changes to a new workbook and allow your original workbook to remain intact---thereby saving your 'deleted' worksheet.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Unsaved workbook with deleted worksheet

Step 1

Click the "Office Button" and select "Save As" from the drop-down menu. Select Excel Workbook from the "Save As" menu and type a new name for your workbook in the "File Name" field. Press "Save." You will now have two workbooks---your original workbook before you made any changes with the 'deleted' worksheet intact, and the newly saved workbook with all of your changes. Only your newly created workbook will remain open.

Step 2

Open your original workbook. You should now have both workbooks open.

Step 3

Right click on the name tab of the 'deleted' worksheet in your original workbook and click "Move or Copy..." when the menu appears. Under the "To book" option, select your new workbook and choose where you would like the worksheet to appear in the "Before sheet" option. Click "OK." Note that Excel takes you to your new workbook and the 'deleted' worksheet is displayed.

Step 4

Check to make sure that links between worksheets, formulas and macros are functioning as expected. The next step will eliminate your original workbook, so be absolutely certain that your new workbook is correct before moving forward. If everything is in order, go back to your original workbook and close it.

Step 5

Save your new workbook, renaming it with the original workbook name. The workbook with the 'deleted' worksheet will be overwritten with your now correct workbook.

Tips & Warnings

  • Microsoft offers safety mechanisms to help restore corrupted workbooks and states that you can specify that Excel automatically create a recovery file at specific intervals. This option allows you to save a copy of your workbook in any location you select. You would then be able to retrieve the automatically saved workbook to restore your deleted worksheet.
  • Exercise caution when deleting worksheets. The steps to recover a deleted worksheet are only possible if you did not save the workbook after deleting the worksheet. If you save a workbook after deleting a worksheet, the worksheet is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.