How to Restore Windows on a Toshiba Laptop Computer

By Ty Arthur

Your Toshiba laptop comes pre-installed with one of the various Microsoft Windows operating systems. If your laptop's hard drive becomes infected with malicious virus files, or filled with unnecessary data that slows your system down, you can restore the original Windows settings. When you restore the laptop back to its factory settings, all of the currently installed data is wiped clean so that you can start over fresh with a clean copy of Windows.

Step 1

Insert the recovery DVD that came with your Toshiba laptop into the disc drive. Restart the laptop computer.

Step 2

Press "F12" when the Toshiba logo appears on the LCD screen. Press the down arrow key and highlight "DVD." Press "Enter."

Step 3

Click "Toshiba Recovery" and then select the "Next" option. Click the name of your computer's operating system, such as "Windows Vista 64 bit" or "Windows XP."

Step 4

Click the radio button labeled "Recover to out-of-box state." Click "Next."

Step 5

Wait for the recovery DVD to finish wiping your hard drive and restoring the Toshiba laptop to its original factory settings. Press "Enter" to restart the Toshiba laptop.

Step 6

Follow the prompts on the screen to set the operating system's language, date, time zone, password and Internet connections.

Tips & Warnings

  • Restoring the Windows operating system on your Toshiba laptop computer will erase every file stored on the hard drive. Before restoring the system, you should save any files you still want to an external device so that you can use them later.
  • Not all Toshiba laptops come with a recovery DVD. If your system did not have a recovery disc, you will need to insert a blank DVD into the laptop's DVD-rewritable drive. Navigate to the Start menu and select the "Recovery Disc Creator" option in the Toshiba menu. Follow the instructions on the screen to make a new recovery DVD. If your laptop does not have a DVD-rewritable drive, you can contact Toshiba, and they will mail you a copy of the recovery disc.