How to Restore  Windows Vista from the HP Recovery Partition With a Boot Problem

By braniac

There may come a time when you want orneed to restore your HP Laptop to the original Windows Vistafactory installation. Doing a system restore is a common recommendation made byH.P. tech support. Fortunately HP includes a system restore partitionright on the hard drive. But if you've made changes to your laptops boot loader,like tried to dual boot it with Windows XP or Linux then the systemrestore utility might not boot to the recovery partition anymore. This is usually an easy problem to fix.

Things You'll Need

  • Your HP Computer
  • Windows Vista
  • An intact system recover partition

Step 1

Back up ALL of your files. Everythingyou can think of:  documents, pictures, spreadsheets, emails you'vedownloaded that you want to save, web browser bookmarks, iTuneslibrary etc. You can save a lot of time by investing in an externaldrive and copying everything to it. Otherwise you can use DVD's itwill just take a little longer.

Step 2

Open the start menu, right click oncomputer, select management. When the computer management windowopens, select storage disk management. You will see at least twopartitions one will be named System Recovery.

Step 3

Right click on the System RecoveryPartition and click mark as active. A warning will displayed. Markingthis partition as active will restart the computer right in to theSystem Restore Utility.

Step 4

Shut down your laptop completely, thenrestart the laptop. When the system restore starts select the optionfor the original factory restore and follow the prompts.

Tips & Warnings

  • This only works if your system recovery partition is intact. If you have removed that partition you will need to get recovery cd's from HP's website.
  • If you made system restore disks you can try using those.
  • An external hard drive saves time transferring data but isn't as reliable as disk backups.
  • Restoring the original factory install will destroy all your data.
  • This may not work on all HP and Compaq models.

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