How to Retrieve a Deleted Note on an iPad

By Robert Schrader

Syncing an iPad with iTunes serves purposes beyond simply backing up music and other multimedia on the device. When you sync iPad contacts, for example, iTunes also saves copies of "Notes" you've written on the device. As a result, if you accidentally delete a note from the iPad, retrieving it is as simple as re-syncing your contacts with iTunes.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad USB cable

Step 1

Insert the USB cable into the base of the iPod, then into one of the PC's USB ports. Open iTunes.

Step 2

Click the iPad's name. Click the "Info" tab and tick the box that appears next to "Sync Contacts With:" Select the name of the email provider that you typically sync with.

Step 3

Return to iTunes' "Summary" tab. Click "Sync" and wait for iTunes to inform you it's OK to disconnect the iPad. Disconnect the iPad, tap "Notes" and read the note you thought was gone forever.

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