How to Retrieve a Wireless Router Password

By Larry Amon

If you have a home network you most likely are using a router. Routers are the little boxes that connect the different computers and printers and other devices on your network either wirelessly or with network cables. The router is accessed by typing in a local IP address and then a login screen appears. You need a username and a password to login, but if you've lost your password it can't be retrieved like most online passwords. There are a few easy things you can do to get back into your router though.

Things You'll Need

  • Router manual

Step 1

Look for the paperwork that came with your router. If there is any possible way to retrieve your password it will be listed in the setup guide or manual that came with your router. Chances are that if there was a way to retrieve your password, you would have had to set something up in advance. Look through the paperwork for the default password and try using this to access your router.

Step 2

Visit your manufacturers website. If you couldn't find the paperwork there is usually an online version available at the website. If the default password isn't listed there or doesn't work, use the support center on the website to look for any solutions. The website should also list any phone support numbers.

Step 3

Reset the router. This is the easiest and simplest thing to do since in all likelihood there is no way to retrieve the password if you changed it from the default. On the back or bottom of the router look for a small pinhole sized opening. You will need to use something like the end of a paperclip and push in the clip into the hole until you feel it move in. Hold the button in for at least two seconds and then release. This will reset the router to all of the default settings including the password. The password will either be blank or whatever the default password is as listed in the instructions.