How to Retrieve Bloomberg Data Via Excel

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Excel lets you pull real-time data from the Internet using its import tools. This feature is excellent when you want your spreadsheets updated using real-time information. After you import the data, you can update the data by using the refresh buttons on the Data tab. Once the connection is created between Excel and Bloomberg, you can update the data by using the refresh options or by opening the spreadsheet.

Step 1

Open Excel 2007. Click on a cell in the spreadsheet. Click the "Data" tab and select "From Web." The New Web Query dialog box appears. In the web address box, enter the Bloomberg web address. Press "Enter."

Step 2

Review the Bloomberg website and locate the yellow arrows on the webpage. The yellow arrows indicate areas that can be downloaded into your spreadsheet. Click a yellow arrow. The arrow will turn green to indicate the import will be conducted. Click "Import." The Import Data dialog box appears.

Step 3

Click "New Worksheet" and "OK." The data is downloaded into your spreadsheet. Update this data periodically by clicking the "Refresh All" button and selecting "Refresh."