How to Retrieve Cell Phone Text Messages

By Sharika Sanku

Text messaging is a tool that has revolutionized the world of cellphone communication. Not only can reading and sending text messages help you relay information among family and friends, but it can simplify all your communication needs. You can retrieve text messages from other cellphone users, short emails sent to your phone as a text message, or view news updates in the form of texts. The ability to understand a conversation in just a few typed characters on your cell phone will leave more time in your day for productivity and reduce telephone time overall.

Step 1

Determine where the text message you want to receive will be located. If it is a message you have received, it will probably be in your inbox; a message you sent will be in the outbox. Some messages might be filed in different personal folders.

Step 2

Access the folder the text message is in. Open the "Message Center" or "Messaging" application on your phone and find the appropriate place your message would be, again, generally the "Inbox."

Step 3

Scroll through the list of messages in the folder and find the desired text. Your phone might have search features by date, or name of the sender/recipient. These can generally be accessed by selecting the "Options" or "sort" functions in the menu of applications.

Step 4

Retrieve the message by selecting it and pressing enter. Highlighting the message may automatically open it on your phone. If your device displays conversations the message you were looking for will be embedded in the conversation.

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