How to Retrieve Deleted Messages From Voicemail

By Nicholas Smith

Voice mail is a convenient way to obtain messages from callers when you are not available to talk to them. Whether you get voice-mail messages on your cell phone or home phone, you can retrieve deleted messages. Many phone providers allow you to listen to messages that are scheduled to be permanently erased. On those services, call your voice-mail service and wait for the option that lets you listen to deleted messages. On other voice-mail services, you must save the deleted messages before hanging up the phone.

Step 1

Call into your voice-mail service. For example, many cell-phone users press and hold the "1" key on their phones to access their voice mail.

Step 2

Listen to the voice mail menu options. On some voice-mail services, you have the option of listening to previously deleted voice-mail messages. Press the corresponding key to listen to the deleted messages.

Step 3

Listen for the key that lets you "Save" the messages or "Move" them to a different folder. You may have to listen to the voice-mail message in its entirety before the system tells you what key to press. Press that key. For example, on Sprint voice mail, press "*" and "3" to save the deleted message. You must complete these steps before hanging up the phone, or the message will be deleted permanently.