How to Retrieve Deleted Photos From an SD Card

By Steven Diggs, Jr.

SD cards store images taken while using your digital camera. If you accidentally delete them while in the camera's options, there is no way to recover the images on the camera. FileRestorePlus will recover the files on the computer. To do this, you must hook the card to the computer. Some computers have an SD card reader. If yours does not, use a portable SD card reader that connects into a USB port.

Step 1

Download FileRestorePlus from the resources section, then install it.

Step 2

Put the SD card into the SD slot.

Step 3

Run FileRestorePlus. Select the SD drive inside the program by double-clicking the SD drive in "My Computer."

Step 4

Highlight the images that you want to retrieve by clicking on them. Press "Start Undelete" to recover them to the SD card.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep a backup copy of your files so that you will never lose them.
  • Keep the card away from direct sunlight and out of extreme weather.