How to Retrieve Text Messages From a SIM Card

By Michael Jones

You can retrieve saved and deleted text messages with the use of a SIM card reader. A SIM card stands for subscriber identity module and is used in your cell phone to save most of the information that goes through your phone. A SIM card reader is a small device that plugs into your computer's USB port. You can find a SIM card reader at your local electronics store or anywhere online. The most expensive ones will read multiple cards at once, but you won't need an expensive one to retrieve text messages.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card reader
  • SIM card reader software

Step 1

Connect your SIM card reader to your computer. Most SIM card readers plug into your computer's USB port.

Step 2

Install any software that came with your SIM card reader. Note that some readers are plug-and-play, in which case you don't have to install any software for it to work.

Step 3

Remove the SIM card from your phone. Refer to your cell phone's user manual if necessary. In many cases, you just remove the battery from your phone and slide the SIM card out of its place.

Step 4

Insert your SIM card into the SIM card reader.

Step 5

Open the SIM card reader program on your computer and follow the instructions to retrieve your text messages.

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