How to Retrieve Text Messages With Verizon

By Charlotte Johnson

The Verizon Wireless company provides cell phone service, as well as other services such as text messaging. Text messaging can be a convenient and quick form of communication. If you have a Verizon phone, you can access your text messages easily by pressing the proper sequence of keys. Retrieving text messages is important in terms of maintaining communication that others may be sending your way.

Things You'll Need

  • Verizon phone

Step 1

Access the message function of your phone. You can do this by pressing the top left soft key (just under the screen) to select the message envelope icon. You can also access messages by pressing the center menu key and choosing the "Messaging" icon.

Step 2

Press the up or down directional keys to scroll through multiple text messages. (If you only have one text message, you won't need to scroll.) Stop scrolling when the message you want to open is highlighted.

Step 3

Press the "OK" key to open the message.

Step 4

Read the message on the screen of your phone.