How to Retrieve Voicemail on Magic Jack

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Magic Jack system connects to your home computer. It allows you to plug a telephone in to your computer. It also comes with a "Telephone" software system, known as the "Softphone." Magic Jack also comes with voice mail. You can use your telephone, telephone software, or your email account to retrieve your Magic Jack voice mail messages.

Step 1

Dial your Magic Jack telephone number from any telephone. When you hear the prompt, push "Star."

Step 2

Enter your voice mail password using the telephone's keypad. The default password is 1234. Use this if you haven't set a password yet. Your messages now begin playing.

Step 3

Open the Magic Jack "softphone" application from your home computer, if you want to retrieve your voice mail messages from your computer. This is the application you use to make phone calls. Click "Vmail" to retrieve your voice mail messages.

Step 4

Check your email account. When you receive new Magic Jack voice mails, you'll get an email from Magic Jack. The voice mail message is attached to the email message. Click on the file to download it and listen to the message.

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