How to Retrieve Your Deleted Spam Folder

By Jordan Baughman

Microsoft Office Outlook's "Spam Folder" functions exactly like the typical "Junk Folder" in other email clients such as Thunderbird, Hotmail, and Gmail. Messages from unrecognized senders are usually moved automatically to the spam folder. While it is good practice to empty this folder from time to time, it's possible that by doing so, you may delete an important email from someone that you forgot to add to your "white list" of approved senders. If you do delete your spam folder and lose important messages, recovering those emails is not that difficult.

Recover Your Spam Folder

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Outlook by double-clicking on its desktop icon.

Step 2

Log into your account.

Step 3

Left-click on the "Recover Deleted Items" folder to open it.

Step 4

Highlight and drag the "Spam Folder" out of the "Recover Deleted Items" folder to recover your deleted spam folder.