How to Reveal a Private Call Number

By Thomas McNish

There are instances when companies or people use Caller ID blocking for legitimate reasons, but this technology can also be used to harass people or even threaten them. If you're getting private number calls and you want to know who it is, there are a couple of different ways you can go about unblocking the blocked call. Depending on the nature or the persistence of the calls, one method may be more effective than another.

Step 1

Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry (see Resources) to minimize unwanted calls. This makes it illegal for telemarketers or other sales people to call you, unless you have had prior business with them.

Step 2

Visit (see Resources) and sign up for the service. When you receive a private call number, you simply hit "Ignore" and the call will be redirected to the TrapCall database. Within seconds, you can know who's behind the number that called you.

Step 3

Contact your service provider. Report that you've been getting harassing or prank calls and that you want to know who's calling. Sometimes your company will set up a "trap," similar to that offered by TrapCall. You'll have to speak with your network provider to get the details on the services it offers.

Step 4

Dial "*57" after receiving a private call to activate "Call Trace." This may not work in every instance, but it will reveal the number if the person is calling you from the local area.

Step 5

Contact law enforcement. If you really feel like you're in danger or you're receiving obscene or threatening calls, you should call the police. Notify the officer of the time and date the calls were received, what the person on the other end sounded like and what he said.