How to Roll the Dice on AIM

By Quinten Plummer

Whether you're playing Dungeons and Dragons or Monopoly through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), the Roll Dice feature is great for playing games online with friends. No more making your friends roll the dice in front of a webcam to be sure they aren't cheating!

Things You'll Need

  • AOL account
  • AIM software

Step 1

Begin by opening your AOL Instant Messenger and joining a chat room. (The Roll Dice feature does not work for one-on-one instant messaging. Users must enter a chat room to use this function.)

Step 2

Type in: //roll-dice #-sides #, once you are into the chat room and ready to roll the dice. The "#" stands for variables. Replace them with the desired numbers.

Step 3

Substitute the first "#" with the number of dice that you want to roll. For example, if you want to roll two dice, the command would look like this: //roll-dice 2-sides #.

Step 4

Substitute the second "#" with the number of sides you want your dice to have. For example, if your dice have six sides, the command would look like this: //roll-dice #-sides 6.

Step 5

Click the Send button and the chat window will display the number of dice you rolled, the number of sides on your dice and the numbers that each dice produced.

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