How to Rotate an Image in Word 2007

By Shannon Kempe

You will find that you often need to adjust images when importing them into a program, and Word 2007 is no exception. For example, if you are working with a photo, perhaps the camera that took it was positioned incorrectly at the time of capture. Or maybe your image features a shape, such as an arrow, that needs to be pointed in the opposite direction. Whatever the reason, you may need to flip an image upside-down, flip it over, or turn it 90 degrees to the right or left.

Things You'll Need

  • PC with Word 2007

Step 1

Click on the image. At the top of the Word 2007 document there is a toolbar with various tabs you can select, such as "Home," "Insert," and "Page Layout." With the image selected, a new option on the Word toolbar will appear to the right of "View," entitled "Format."

Step 2

Select the "Format" tab. Underneath "Format," several sections will appear that are labeled at bottom. Look for the "Arrange" and "Size" sections (the last two sections on the right). In the bottom right of the "Arrange" section, you should see an option entitled "Rotate."

Step 3

Click on "Rotate." A drop-down will appear with the following rotating actions: "Rotate Right 90°;" "Rotate Left 90°;" "Flip Vertical;" "Flip Horizontal;" and "More Rotation Options."

Step 4

Roll your mouse over one of the four common rotating actions without clicking. As your mouse pointer rolls over "Flip Vertical" for instance, you will see your image flip. Move your mouse away to not select this option, or click your mouse if the option brings your image to the desired position.

Step 5

Click "More Rotation Options" if one of the four common rotating actions does not achieve what you need. A new small screen will pop up. Here you will have more detailed options, such as rotating the image to a specified degree. You will not be able to see your image change as you make changes, but once done making your selections, click "OK" on the bottom right of the screen to make the changes.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you think it will take you a few tries to position the image the way you wish, undo the action every time you don't like it, in order to bring the image back to its original state. Too many manipulations can be a challenge to undo if you find yourself needing to get back to the original state to simply start over.
  • If you find you do not like the change you made, holding down "Ctrl+Z" will undo your last action. This will enable you to start over.