How to Run Mac OS and Windows 7 on a PC

By Jedadiah Casey

Apple's Macintosh series of personal computers (PCs) that use an Intel processor have the capability to run both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows through a built-in utility called Boot Camp. With Boot Camp, the Mac hard drive can be repartitioned to allow room for Windows to be installed, and the user can switch between Mac OS X and Windows at boot time. You can run Mac OS X and Windows 7 on a Macintosh PC by configuring Boot Camp.

Step 1

Open the "Boot Camp" program located in the Utilities folder under Applications.

Step 2

Click "Continue."

Step 3

Drag the divider to represent how much hard drive space is dedicated to the Mac OS, and how much to Windows.

Step 4

Click "Partition."

Step 5

Insert the Windows installation disc into the drive, then click "Start Installation."

Step 6

Install Windows to the "BOOTCAMP" partition.

Step 7

Insert the Mac OS X install disc into the disc drive after the installation of Windows has finished. This installs the Boot Camp drivers for Windows.

Step 8

Use the "Startup Disk" utility or hold in the "Option" key during computer bootup to choose between Mac or Windows.

Tips & Warnings

  • PC stands for Personal Computer and refers to any type of non-server computer designed for end-users, including all Macintosh portable and desktop computers.
  • It is against the Apple Mac OS X EULA to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.