How to Save a Music Playlist From iTunes To a MicroSD Card

By Tayla Holman

If you have songs in your iTunes that you would like to listen to on another device—a cell phone, for example—you can transfer the files from your iTunes library to a MicroSD card. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a USB cable to connect your computer and cell phone and transfer the files using the drag-and-drop method.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with iTunes
  • USB cable
  • Cell phone with MicroSD card

How to Transfer an iTunes Playlist to a MicroSD Card

Step 1

Connect your cell phone and the computer that has the iTunes playlist you want to transfer using a USB cable. Many new cell phones, especially smart phones, use USB cables as chargers now, but they are relatively cheap if you need to purchase one.

Step 2

Locate your cell phone. It will show up as a removable storage item on your desktop if you are using a Mac and in "My Computer" if you are using a PC. If it doesn't show up, you may need to enable the device as a USB drive.

Step 3

Open iTunes and locate the playlist you wish to transfer in the sidebar.

Step 4

Drag and drop the playlist to the SD card's device. To keep things from getting cluttered, you may want to create a "Music" folder if the device doesn't already have one. If the playlist will not transfer by dragging it from the sidebar, highlight all the songs in the playlist and drag them to the SD card's device.

Step 5

Locate the songs on your device. If there is a music player, your songs will most likely be found there. If you have an option to search through the SD card, you can find your songs there as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are using an SD card reader, Step 1 will require you to connect the reader directly to the computer instead of using a USB cable.