How to Save a Web Page as Your Home Page on Mozilla Firefox

By KR Knowlin

All Internet browsers load to a default or specified home page when you launch the application. Because this is the first page you see when you open your browser, you can save time if you save a preferred Web page as your home page in Mozilla Firefox. If you don't like the new page you set as the Firefox home page, you can always change it.

Step 1

Open Firefox.

Step 2

Navigate to the Web page you want to set as the home page.

Step 3

Locate the icon directly to the left of the address field. This icon will be specific to the site you are visiting and will often be the logo affiliated with the site.

Step 4

Click and drag the icon from its current position and hold it directly over above the "Home" button at the far right of the toolbar. The "Home" button is the house-shaped symbol located to the right of the toolbar search field. The Set Home Page confirmation prompt opens.

Step 5

Click "Yes" to set the Web page as the Firefox home page.