How to Save Email to a Disk on Microsoft Outlook

By Bennett Gavrish

Most email providers give users a quota and limit the amount of data you are allowed to store on your mailbox. As a result, you may need to save messages to your computer's local hard disk if your email quota is close to being full. In the Microsoft Outlook application, you can create archive files, also known as PST files, on your hard disk and then transfer messages to them from your mailbox.

Things You'll Need

  • PC running Windows XP or later
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later

Step 1

Launch the Microsoft Outlook application on your PC computer.

Step 2

Open the "File" menu at the top of the window, go into the "New" submenu and select "Outlook Data File."

Step 3

Choose the "Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)" option and hit "OK."

Step 4

Navigate to the location on your hard disk where you want to save the email messages. Then enter a name for the PST file you are creating and press "OK."

Step 5

Choose a password for the PST file if you want to add security to it and hit "OK" to advance. The archive file will now appear in your folder list on the left side of the main Outlook window.

Step 6

Go to your regular mailbox and highlight the email messages that you want to save on your hard disk.

Step 7

Drag and drop the highlighted messages into the archive folder you just created. The email data will now be copied from your mailbox to your local hard disk.