How to Save Facebook Posts

By Jeff Grundy

Facebook allows you to connect with friends all over the world. With more than 600 million users as of the date of publication, chances are good you can connect with most, if not all, of your friends on the Web's largest social networking site. Communicating with your Facebook friends usually means posting on their Walls or sending private messages. Just like a treasured letter, some posts or messages are simply too important or valuable to lose. Therefore, Facebook provides a way to download your profile information -- including messages and posts -- and save it to your computer.

Step 1

Go to the Facebook homepage and log in with your user name and password.

Step 2

Click the "Account" drop-down box on your main profile page. Click the "Account Settings" drop-down list link.

Step 3

Click the "Learn more" link next to the "Download Your Information" header on the "My Account" page.

Step 4

Enter your Facebook password in the "Verify Password" field, then click "Continue." Wait a few minutes while Facebook compiles a file with all of your posts, photos and other account information. Facebook does not allow you to download only your messages. Depending on the number of photos, posts and videos in your Facebook account, the compiling of your account information may take several minutes or a couple of hours.

Step 5

Click "Download Now" after Facebook generates the data file and prompts you to do so. Select a folder in which to save the "ZIP" data file, then click "OK" or "Save." Wait a few minutes for the file to download to the selected folder on your computer.

Step 6

Click "Start" and then "Computer." Open the folder where you saved the downloaded Facebook data file. Right-click the ZIP file, then click "Extract here" on the pop-up menu. Windows extracts the contents of the data file into a new subfolder.

Step 7

Double-click the new subfolder to open it. Open the HTML subfolder. To view all of your Wall posts, double-click the "wall.html" file. All posts from you and your Facebook friends appear on a page in your Web browser.

Step 8

Double-click the "messages.html" file to view all of the messages sent and received using your Facebook account.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also view all of the photos, videos and other items posted to your Facebook account by clicking the other files in the HTML subfolder.