How to Save Files to SD Cards

By Techwalla Contributor

SD cards are often used in digital cameras to increase storage capacity. You can also use SD cards to store computer data or to back up files. These cards are very portable, which is beneficial for mobile workers. Saving files to an SD card requires an SD card reader.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card reader

Step 1

Slide the SD card into the SD card slot on your computer or into an SD card reader connected to your computer.

Step 2

Click "Start" and "Computer" if the AutoPlay window didn't open when you inserted the card into your computer. Double-click the icon for the SD card.

Step 3

Click the "Windows" key and "E" to open another window. Browse in the new window to a file you want to save to the SD card.

Step 4

Click the file and drag it to the SD card window. This will copy the file to the SD card, leaving the original on your computer. Repeat until you have copied all the files you want.

Step 5

Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your system tray, usually on the bottom right of your screen. Click "Stop" to stop the SD card from being available on the computer. Eject it from the computer when the screen says it's safe to do so.