How to Save Money on Cable TV, Internet and Phone Bills

By Mark P Cussen CFP CMFC

The high cost of cell phones, cable TV and Internet services doesn't have to break your budget. This article shows you some ways you can save on this portion of your utilities.

Step 1

The most obvious solution to TV/Internet/phone cost is to package the services with one carrier. You will almost always get a lower rate with a package deal than if you buy each service separately.

Step 2

If a bundled package still costs too much, try one of the free computer software programs that allows you to surf the net and/or make phone calls at little or no charge. Or if you use your cell phone for less than 200 minutes per month, then a prepaid cell phone plan or card may be more economical than conventional carrier service. Another thought is to simply drop your landline altogether and only use your cell phone.

Step 3

How many of those cable channels do you really watch? Dropping some or all of your premium channels can take quite a bite out of your monthly cable bill. Dropping your cable service altogether may also be an option.

Step 4

There are many premium phone services, such as call waiting, caller ID and auto redial, that can add dollars and cents onto your phone bill. Eliminating these features can help to keep your phone bill under control.

Step 5

One final strategy to keep in mind is haggling for a lower rate. Don't be afraid to negotiate with your carriers; they want to keep your business and may be willing to let you pay a lesser rate to keep you.

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