How to Save Music From an iPhone

By Mario Calhoun

The Apple iPhone allows you to purchase music from the iTunes Store application on the device, which can later be transferred from the device to your computer though synchronization. In order to transfer music that was not purchased from iTunes you'll need to use a music transferring program to rip the music from your iPhone. Music transferring software can be downloaded online and tried out for a limited time before requiring a purchased license for continued use.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable
  • Music transferring software
  • iTunes 7.4 or later

Step 1

Download Xilisoft. Xilisoft iPhone Transfer is a music copying program that is available for the Windows and Macintosh computers. The program copies your music from your iPhone to your computer or directly to your iTunes application, and is compatible with iTunes v.9 and iPhone OS 3.0. You can also enable disk use, which allows you to use your iPhone as an external hard drive by storing data on it. The software allows you to copy up to 100 files at once; after that you can only transfer one file at a time until you purchase an activation code at $19.95 for Windows and $24.95 for Macs.

Step 2

Download 4Media. Similar to Xilisoft, the software enables you to use your iPhone as an external hard drive and offers the same basic features of music and playlist transfer. Additional features include a filter tool that enables you to quickly locate specific files to transfer, and the option of two viewing modes for your music library, list and thumbnail views. The price for the Windows program is $20 and $25 for the Macintosh program.

Step 3

Download CopyTrans4. CopyTrans4 has the same features as Xilisoft, and also maintains your playlist order and tags during the transfer from iPhone to computer. CopyTrans 4 allows you to use the software for 30 days before requiring a license, and costs $19.99.As of 2010, CopyTrans4 is only available for PC computers.

Step 4

Download Senuti. This application is a basic music copying program that retains your song settings and transfers the music to your iTunes library. The application also allows you to play music from your iPhone while plugged into your computer. Senuti is the cheapest option of the 3 Macintosh music copying programs listed at $18, and is exclusively for Mac computers.