How to Save My Favorites Into a Separate File

By Tiffany Rose

Favorites are the bookmarks that you save on your computer so you can quickly access these pages again later. Your favorites can be exported into another file to use for transfer or back-up purposes. It is helpful to know how to export your Favorites file because if you are using more than one computer, you can easily transfer all of your Favorites from one computer to the other. The process of exporting your Favorites is both simple and quick.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Explorer 8

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer. Click on the word "Favorites" next to the yellow star.

Step 2

Click the little black triangle next to the words "Add to Favorites."

Step 3

Click "Import and Export" in the drop-down menu.

Step 4

Click "Export to a File." Then, click "Next."

Step 5

Click the box next to "Favorites," then click "Next."

Step 6

Click "Browse" to select the folder that you want to export to. Click "Next."

Step 7

Click on the word "Browse" and select the location of your destination file. You can also allow it to choose the default location for you, which will be created in your "Documents" folder under the name "bookmark.htm."

Step 8

Click "Export" after you have selected your destination file. You will receive a confirmation message that your file has been created. Click "Finish."