How to Save the iPhone From Water Damage

By Techwalla Contributor

Replacing a water-damaged iPhone is expensive. The one-year Apple warranty and the optional extended AppleCare coverage do not cover water damage to the iPhones. Apple places a liquid contact indicator inside each iPhone to reveal if it has been wet. If your iPhone is wet, do not touch any buttons and unplug it immediately if it is plugged in. If it is turned on, press the "On/Off" button and then slide the on-screen slider to turn off the phone. Never turn on a wet iPhone; it could short-circuit and never turn on again.

Things You'll Need

  • Large zippered bag
  • Dry rice

Step 1

Dry the surfaces of the iPhone with a soft cloth or paper towel, being careful not to push any buttons. The iPhone must remain turned off for any hope of success.

Step 2

Shake the iPhone and dry the outside surfaces again. Place the device on an absorbent cloth and turn it occasionally to drain water from the device.

Step 3

Place the iPhone in a plastic zippered bag. Fill the bag with dry rice until the iPhone is covered. The rice will wick some moisture from the phone. Leave the iPhone in the rice for at least three days.

Step 4

Remove the iPhone from the bag and rice.

Step 5

Suspend the iPhone in a mesh bag or net near a dehumidifier. Leave it overnight.

Step 6

Gently shake the iPhone. If you detect no moisture, it may be safe to turn on. Push a button to turn the iPhone on. If it doesn't function property, take the phone to an authorized iPhone dealer or to an Apple Store. You've done all you can do at home.

Tips & Warnings

  • Apple will give a discount on a new iPhone to replace a water-damaged iPhone. Bring the water-damaged phone to the Apple store for the discount.
  • Do not turn on a wet iPhone - this includes touching any buttons. Turning on a wet iPhone will cause it to short-circuit. There is no hope for an iPhone that has a short-circuit.