How to Save Videos From Ustream

By Tom Sterne

Ustream is a live video streaming and video sharing website similar to YouTube but with a greater emphasis on live broadcasts. Ordinarily there is no option on the Ustream website to save videos to your hard drive but fortunately there are freeware programs which can download videos from most websites, including Ustream. Recent editions of Real Media Player have a video-downloader application for web browsers but there are plenty of other programs such as VideoDownloader, which come recommended by CNET.

Step 1

Download a video downloader such as Real Player or VideoDownloader. Close your web browser and double-click on the downloaded file to run the Install Wizard.

Step 2

Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Install" to begin the installation process. It should only take a few minutes, after which you will be informed that the installation was successful. Click "Finish" to close the installer.

Step 3

Launch your web browser, navigate to Ustream and search for the video you wish to save.

Step 4

Wait for the video to load and then either hover over the video with the cursor for a download link -- as with the Real Video Downloader -- to click on to start the download or right-click on the video. Click "Download Video" from the drop-down menu to save the video.