How to Scan a Document Into Microsoft Word

By Justin H. Pot

Paper documents are great if you're looking for something physical and permanent, but they are somewhat difficult to edit. If you've ever looked at a paper document and wished you could import the whole thing directly into Microsoft Word, you're in luck: Microsoft Office comes with exactly that feature. The technology, called OCR (or optical character recognition) is built into the Microsoft Office and can turn a page or pages of scanned text into an easy-to-edit Microsoft Word document.

Things You'll Need

  • A scanner
  • Microsoft Office XP or newer

Step 1

Open Microsoft Office Document Imaging, a part of Microsoft Office capable of taking words on a page and converting them to a word document, by clicking on "Start," then "Programs," then "Microsoft Office," then "Microsoft Office Tools" and finally "Microsoft Office Document Imaging."

Step 2

Click "File," then "Scan New Document." For best results, tell the program to scan the image in "Black and White," or "Black and White From Color Page." This will give the best results for scanning text into Microsoft Word.If you have a multipage document to import, be sure to click "Prompt for Additional Pages" to scan all pages in sequence.

Step 3

Place your document, or the first page of your document, onto your scanner.

Step 4

Click "Scan" to begin the process. If you're scanning multiple pages, you'll be prompted when it's necessary to put the next page into the scanner.

Step 5

Click "Tools," then "Send to Word." Office will make a Word document using the text from the pages.

Tips & Warnings

  • While Microsoft Office's text recognition is good, nothing is perfect. Be sure to edit the scanned document looking for errors.