How to Scan a Document With an HP All-in-One Scanner

By Lucosi Fuller

The HP all-in-one scanner is a nice piece of equipment that scans, prints, copies and faxes; some versions of it are equipped for inclusion into a wireless network. The scanner is user-friendly with a paper tray that is easy to load and unlikely to jam, and the printer cartridges are easy to change. Scanning documents with the HP all-in-one scanner is a simple procedure, and the quality of the scans are crystal clear whereas some other scanners provide dull and fuzzy scans. Learn how to scan your documents immediately.

Step 1

Open the lid on the scanning surface.

Step 2

Place the document on the scanning surface with the side containing the print facing down and the top left corner positioned at the arrow.

Step 3

Close the lid on the scanning surface.

Step 4

Push the "Scan To" button.

Step 5

Push the "OK" button. The scan will begin.

Step 6

Once the scan is complete, the document will appear on-screen in your "My Scans" folder. Click on the document to ensure that it was scanned properly. If the document is scanned the way you want it, then you've correctly completed the scan.