How to Scan Multiple Page Documents

By Greyson Ferguson

Scanners convert printed documents to digital images, allowing you to import those images to your computer. Often, a document will have multiple pages. The Windows Camera and Scanner utility will guide you through scanning each page and saving it to your computer. This task can be performed with any basic home scanner.

Step 1

Power on the scanner and click "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories," then finally "Windows Camera and Scanner Wizard."

Step 2

Choose "Scanner" when prompted, then select the scanner you have connected as the device from which you want to import the document.

Step 3

Place the first page of the document onto the scanner bed, then click "Scan." The document will be scanned and imported to the computer. A save window will load. Type in the name, followed by "Page 1" (so you know what page it is), and click "Save." A window will appear, asking if you want to scan another document. Click "Yes."

Step 4

Replace the current page with the second page of the document, then click "Scan" again. Repeat the entire process until all the pages of the document have been scanned and saved to the computer.

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