How to Search a Unknown Number

By Techwalla Contributor

Ever had an unidentified number call your home or cell number and do not have a clue who it is? Instead of answering the phone to find who is calling, there are different websites where you can do your own investigation and find more information,who is the owner or the company who dialed you and where it is located.

Step 1

800 Notes- Plenty of people used this helpful website to track down unknown calls. Simply type in the area code and seven digits and at least 99 percent of the time, you will get some information about the questionable number. Most of the time, there will be over dozens of comments from other people phoned by the same person.

Step 2

Who Called Us- Add in the phone number you are looking for more details about. Like 800 Notes, you will probably get a little background about the caller from other commenters. There also a map available where you can locate where the last 100 of numbers are from in the country.

Step 3

Who Calls Me- Trace the number down at Whocallsme, if there is not a record on it, your can enter it among the list of other unknown phone numbers. More likely, someone will do a research and later, you can find out the identity of who is behind number.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can register your number on the Do Not Call list to make sure annoying callers do not contact you.
  • If you still get the same number calling you despite being registered on the Do Not Call list, you can file a complaint.
  • Most of these companies who are making these calls are telephone surveyors, bill collectors, telemarketers, scammers, and others. They usually use a spoof number so their calls cannot be traced.