How to Search all Craiglists at Once

By braniac

Craigslist features local classifieds and forums for more than 550 cities in over 50 countries worldwide. Over 50 million people use Craigslist once a month according to it's fact sheet. Would you like to know a way to search ALL of the Craigslists at once to get the best price on concert tickets, sporting events, etc.?Just follow these easy steps to save a lot of time and trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection

Step 1

Go to This site combines the google search feature with all of the 550 Craigslist sites. This means you will be able to search all of the metro craigslists for any item you need in one search. Craigslist is free to list and free to buy. There are no fees associated with this website to buy and sell.

Step 2

Type in your wish list: concert tickets, digital camera's, musical instruments, golf clubs, cars-- anything you wish is at your fingertips.

Step 3

Refine your search by using regions--Midwest, West Coast, Mountain Central, etc. This way one can determine which listing is reasonably close!

Tips & Warnings

  • This site is not owned or affiliated with Craigslist. It is simply a tool to search these sites. It is a not for profit site and has no ads. Check out this site!

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