How to Search Browsing History

By Kelly Lynn Marie

If you want to find a website you've visited previously but can't remember the URL, you can do it easily by searching through your browsing history. Being able to search the history of your Internet usage can also be helpful in parental control to peruse the sites your kids view. In Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, it's simple to view, search and delete your browsing history.

Step 1

Open the Web browser of your choice: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Step 2

Find the History section of your browser. In Mozilla Firefox, the "History" is located on the main menu at the top. For Internet Explorer, you will find History by clicking on the yellow star and clicking "History" below the main menu on the left-hand side of the screen. In Google Chrome simply hold down Ctrl-H or click the tool icon on the top right-hand side and select "History."

Step 3

Search your browsing history. To search in Firefox, click "Show Sidebar" and then type your keywords into the search bar or simply scan through the various folders that are organized chronologically. For Internet Explorer, click the arrow to the right of "History" to pull down the menu to search by date, site, most visited, or visited today. You can also type your keywords into the search bar at the top. On Google Chrome just type your keywords in the search bar or skim through the list.

Step 4

Delete your browsing history periodically to clean up the temporary files taking up space on your hard drive. In both Firefox and Explorer, right-click on each individual file or folder and then click "Delete." For Google Chrome, click "Edit Items" and either select "Clear all browsing data" to dispose of your history entirely or select which sites in the history to delete by checking the boxes and clicking "Remove selected items."

Tips & Warnings

  • Clean out your browsing history once a month to keep your computer and browser running smoothly.
  • Once you delete your browsing history, it is difficult to retrieve without professional assistance.

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