How to Search by MLS Number

By Caroline Carter

An MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, number is given to all properties that are listed for sale or rent. It's the quickest way to access pictures and information on any property that you might be interested in purchasing. Once you plug this number into the proper real estate search engines, you can access abundant property details. School districts are also listed. You can then use all this information to determine if you would be interested in viewing the property on site.

How to Search by MLS Number

Step 1

Go online. Enter the web address of any popular real estate search engine or any real estate company's web address into your browser. Look for the advanced search tab, other quick searches tab, or simply click on the MLS tab, if shown.

Step 2

Plug the seven-digit MLS number into one of these boxes, then click on search. A "list results" box will then appear. In it will be an exterior picture of the home, address, list price, property type, garage, number of bedrooms and baths, plus neighborhood. An icon for photos will also show up. You can click on this for an immediate look at additional photos.

Step 3

Click on the "view details" tab. An overall description of the home is the focus of this page. It is also generally broken down into seven areas that will elaborate on the features of the property, both exterior and interior. Uploaded photos of the home are also included here. Click on each photo for a larger image. Links to the schools and their FAQ pages can also be accessed.

Step 4

Financial considerations can also be acquired here. Most sites include a mortgage calculator for the serious buyer. Questions or queries of the selling agent can also be addressed by putting your information into the appropriate box. Pressing the "submit" tab sends your question straight to the agent.

Tips & Warnings

  • MLS numbers can be acquired by obtaining an MLS FAQ sheet. You can do this in a couple of ways. Realtors usually have an info box located in front of each home they are selling. Pull out the info sheets and peruse it for the number. Go onto a real estate site and plug in either a city, neighborhood or street associated with the home you are interested in. You can then jot down the MLS numbers of the homes that interest you. The next time you want to pull up information on a particular home, you simply plug the number into the appropriate search boxes. Instantly, you will have the details you need without having to scroll through hundreds upon thousands of homes, looking for preferences you have already singled out.