How to Search Domain Names By Owner

By David Sarokin

Searching for the owner of a domain name is relatively easy. This type of search, known as a "whois" search, is offered by many online look-up services at no charge. Searching for the owner's name to find all domain names owned --- known as a "reverse whois" search --- is much harder to come by, but it is available. You can get preliminary results for free, but there is a charge to retrieve a full set of domain names for a given owner.

Step 1

Visit the Reverse Whois search page at (See References)

Step 2

Enter information on the person or organization for which you are seeking information. You can search for an individual's name, a company name, a telephone number, an email address or part of a street address.

Step 3

Enter terms in the "Exclude Records" box to eliminate records containing those terms.

Step 4

Note the preliminary results shown immediately beneath the search form. A typical results states: "There are 24 domains with registrant information matching your current search criteria." The results also indicate how many additional registrations would be included if you add historical information to your search.

Step 5

Click "Preview Report" to display snippets of additional information on the domain names belonging to the owner name for which you searched. The information displayed will also indicate the price to retrieve a full set of ownership data.

Step 6

Click "Order Current" to purchase a report of current domain names or "Order Historical" for an expanded report including historical as well as current domain name information.

Tips & Warnings

  • Search for your own name to see the domain names you own and to get a good feel for how the site works and how to use its features to fine-tune search results.
  • Some sites offer searches called "reverse whois" but do not provide the capability to identify sites owned by a particular registrant.

References & Resources