How to Search for a Code With a Phillips Universal Remote Control

By William Pullman

Philips universal remote controls are used to consolidate the functions of all of the remote controls used for the devices in your home entertainment system into one source. In order to operate all of your devices, you need to program the devices to the remote control. One method of programming the devices is to manually insert the codes for the devices. If you do not have access to the codes, you can search for the codes for your devices through the remote control.

Things You'll Need

  • Philips remote control
  • Home entertainment system

Step 1

Turn on the power to the device that you want to program.

Step 2

Enter programming mode by pressing and holding the "Setup" button until the indicator light on the remote control turns on.

Step 3

Push the button on the remote control that corresponds with the type of device you are programming. For example, if you are programming a television, press the "TV" button on the remote. The indicator light will blink when the button is pressed.

Step 4

Point the remote at the device and press and release the "Channel Up" button slowly and repeatedly until the channel changes on the device. Each time you press the "Channel Up" button the remote will try a different code. You may need to press the "Channel Up" button 300 times before finding the right code.

Step 5

Push the "Mute" button to save the code to the remote.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your device does not have a channel change option, such as a DVD player, press the "Power" button.