How to Search for a Location by Phone Number

By Lynn Dean

There may be times when you need the location of a number, for either business or personal reasons. Looking up a phone number will give you information from a rate center, which is a divided area used by telephone companies. This rate center essentially gives telephone companies control over what locations they are allowed to bill and issue out phone numbers to. When you do a phone number lookup, information obtained from the rate center provides you with a detailed overview of where the number is located.

Step 1

Visit the website Melissa Data. (See Resources) The Melissa Data website is a large directory of lookup tools for for zip codes, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

Step 2

Enter in the phone number. You can choose to enter the area code, prefix or full 10-digit phone number.

Step 3

Press the submit button to get your results. The lookup search will give the location of the number's area code and prefix. It will show you the city and state, including zip codes in that area. The in-depth search also gives the latitude and longitude, businesses in prefix, and phone carrier for the number you are searching. Current time for the location is included, and there's even a link to a map allowing you to view the area.