How to Search for a Person for Free

By Michelle Blessing

You may wish to conduct a search for someone for various reasons. Many people leave their hometowns and travel, losing touch with old friends and relatives. Or maybe you want to know your creepy new neighbor's background. You might have started dating someone new and want to find out more about them without seeming overeager. The Internet has opened up the world for searching, and many searches can be done at no cost with limited information. Conducting a free search for anyone can be time consuming but simple.

Step 1

Find a free online database. USSearch, The Official White Pages and PeekYou are popular sites allowing you to search for anyone for no cost. Online Public Records is a comprehensive database of over 1 billion people and records, however, you will need to register to see a full profile on the person you search.

Step 2

Enter the first and last name of the person you are searching for. If you know the city and state where they reside, you can enter that information as well. US Search provides you with a list of people matching the name and state, as well as ages, prior addresses and relatives, all for no cost. For a small fee, you can download basic information, such as current address and telephone numbers.

Step 3

Click on the name of the person you are trying to locate. You will be redirected to a page providing you with basic details for this person. The Official White Pages allows you to branch out your search by providing sponsored links to other search engine databases.

Step 4

Consider using PeekYou's website if you have limited information. Most online databases operate using a telephone directory, however, many people have eliminated landline telephones in favor of cell phones. PeekYou will search a variety of other databases, such as social networking profiles, public records and e-mail addresses.

Step 5

To find someone's criminal background, use your state's Megan's Law website, Crime Check or Criminal Pages. Megan's Law will alert you to any sexual predators in your neighborhood. Criminal Pages will search public records, and Crime Check will give you access to public databases in all 50 states.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use any information you discover about a person to harass, stalk or otherwise intimidate the person, which would be against the law.