How to Search for Cell Phone Numbers by Names

By Heidi Broach

A report released by the National Center for Health Statistics in 2009 found that one in four homes in the United States relied solely on cell phones and did not have a land line. Despite the great increase in wireless phone usage, cell phone numbers are unlisted and finding a person's number presents a challenge. A simple search of the person's name on Google and other search engines may offer some results, but researching on specific sites offers you a better chance of finding someone's wireless number.

Step 1

Search for the person on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo or Friendster. Some people include their cell number as part of their general profile information. Though social websites offer privacy options to members to restrict who may view their profile information, the person you are trying to locate may have lenient profile settings that allow anyone to access the information.

Step 2

Investigate business networking sites that include the person's name, work history and contact information. Since these sites are used for making business contacts, the person will likely feature his cell phone number as part of his profile. The best place to look for this information is LinkedIn, because this website has the highest traffic ranking of any business networking site. However, you should also perform searches on smaller sites, such as Ecademy, Xing and YorZ.

Step 3

Seek out the person's online resume. In today's business world, a number of job seekers make their resumes more accessible by placing them online. Since the person wants to be contacted about any potential job opportunity, she may include her cell phone number as part of her contact information. Two websites that have public resume-posting options are CareerBuilder and Monster.

Step 4

Pay for access to the National Registry of Cellular Numbers. This website offers an extensive database of cell phone numbers, and the only information necessary to obtain a report is the person's name. The report also includes other information such as addresses, carrier information and birth date. The price for the service varies depending on the type of plan, but using the National Registry of Cellular Numbers is the only definite way to locate a person's cell number.

Tips & Warnings

  • When searching for a cell phone number using a person's name, try variations of the person's full name. Nicknames, maiden names and middle names may all bring more results than searches consisting of only the person's first and last name.