How to Search for Friends on MySpace

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Seems as though everyone including your mother has a MySpace account. As soon as you get yours, you will want to start adding new friends and keeping in touch with the old...aka networking! Follow these steps to search for friends on MySpace:

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • MySpace account
  • Computer

Step 1

Sign up for MySpace. It's quick and easy. Visit MySpace and click the orange "Sign Up!" button in the login box, then enter your information.

Step 2

Log in and add your friends.

Step 3

Add your friends' friends. Visit the MySpace profile of any friends you already have. Check out their comments, browse through their friends lists and click "Add" on any familiar faces you see.

Step 4

Try different searches. Click the word "Search" on the top toolbar and you'll be taken to the search page.

Step 5

Perform a name search. Type in the name of a friend you are searching for in the "Find a Friend" field. Make sure you have the "Name" option selected.

Step 6

Try an email search. Go through your address book (in Outlook or in your Web mail) and start entering your friends' email addresses into the MySpace "Find a Friend" field. Make sure you have the "Email" option selected.

Step 7

Perform a school search. Use the classmate finder to search for old classmates. Enter the information as accurately as possible.

Step 8

Browse. Click the "Browse" button on the toolbar. Set the browse criteria to search within an area (the options are under "Located Within"). Use your postal code to find nearby friends (set the "Miles From" option to about 5 or 10), or pick up a piece of mail from a pen pal and type in the postal code. Click "Update" once you've selected your browse criteria.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your friends have a steady screen name they use, try guessing their URL. If their screen name is usually "baseballgame," for example, try visiting
  • If your friends are in groups, join them. You may find some of your mutual friends there.
  • Remember to include enough information about yourself on your profile so your friends can find you. Add a picture so they will recognize you while posting.
  • Do not add too many people you do not know and don't include any private information on your MySpace account. Consider setting your profile to private if you are worried about identity theft or predators.