How to Search for Large Files in Windows 7

By C. Taylor

The integrated search feature of Windows 7 allows you to search with more criteria than just a name. You can also search based on content or keyword, or you can select from a variety of pre-established types, dates, kinds or sizes. Sizes are broken down into ranges of "Empty," "Tiny," "Small," "Medium," "Large," "Huge" and "Gigantic." The designation "Large" searches for file sizes ranging from 1 megabyte (MB) to 16 MB, which may not be large at all according to some opinions. Therefore, you can also search for customized sizes to find the exact files you seek..

Step 1

Hold the "Windows" key (which sometimes has the word "Start" on it) and press the "F" key to open the Search window.

Step 2

Click the top-right search field with the magnifying glass icon to open the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Click "Size" in the drop-down menu and select "Large" to search for all files ranging from 1 MB to 16 MB. You may notice "size:large" is automatically entered into the search field."

Step 4

Clear the search box and enter "size:>###." Replace "###" with the maximum file size to exclude from the results. Any file with sizes greater than that amount will appear in the results. As an example, "size:>500mb" searches for all files over 500 megabytes.