How to Search for People in Canada

Canada is the second biggest country in the world in area and has a population of roughly 35 million people. In a country so vast it can be easy to lose track of friends, associates, family members or former lovers. Here are a few tips on how to use online resources to help track them down.

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Use government records by searching Canada People Search. This website contains current legal and organized databases and provides a quick method of searching public records, phone listings and addresses as well as birth and death records. The service has a fee.

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Search people for free on Wink People Search. This site offers the same resource, but is free of charge. This site has a less formal structure than Canada People Search. It allows you to track your friends activities across the web, including their social networking habits.

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Input the name you are looking for into Canada411, a site that acts like an online phonebook. If you only know the name, it will isolate all the corresponding names in the country. A drawback of this tool is that it works best if you know the rough location. It is also possible to do reverse searches if the phone number of the person is known.

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Contact BestPeopleSearch if you have the Canadian cell phone number of the person you are seeking. This company works by assigning an investigator to each number it receives and aims to garner as much information as possible from the one number. It guarantees to treat each case with confidentiality. As of July 2009, there is a $129.97 charge to do a Canadian cell-phone search.

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Use the Canadian White Pages. This allows you to look up personal, business and area or postal codes in Canada. Its home page encourages viewers to search for members of their graduation classes or distant ancestry. This is also a free service.