How to Search Photobucket by Email

By Lynn Anders

With Photobucket, account holders upload photos and videos to share with others. Each account is associated with an email address and account name. If you do not know the account name associated with an album to search for, Photobucket does have the option of searching by email address. This search method works for both account names and email addresses.

Step 1

Locate a “Search” box on the main page of Photobucket. There is a search box in the top right corner and one about mid-screen. Both will work to search for an account.

Step 2

Type the full email address into the search box. The email must be completely filled out and correct or the system will not find it.

Step 3

Click the down menu arrow located to the right of the word “search.” Choose “People” and then click “Search.” If the account is marked private, you will be required to enter a password to view the album.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your search results in random photos, then you probably did not successfully check the “people search" option.